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The darkness that surrounds depression has been described as being trapped in a dark hole that feels inescapable. Some forms of depression are more noticeable and seen more clearly externally. Other forms are more subtle, more hidden (in or out of awareness) and less obvious. The word ‘depression’ forms different meanings to different people. The most common forms of depression however are recognised as; feeling low, not having the motivation to do normal day-to-day activities, or feeling bad about yourself.

It can be very difficult for others to truly understand it, however they can do their best to try, to learn your experience of it, and to see it through your eyes. There is no one way or right way of dealing with the debilitating reality of depression and there is no hand that can take you out of it. Perhaps just a hand that can reach down and stay with you, to walk and just BE with you in your depression.

To feel the safety and comfort of another being wholly with you, not attempting to ‘fix’ you, not trying to make you feel positive, and more importantly not judging you for being the way you feel… because the way you feel IS real, IS your experience, and IS important! 

So how do we cope in a world where people can’t see or understand the depression that you’re facing, or perhaps telling you to ‘snap out of it’, telling you ‘there is no reason for you being depressed’, or that ‘you’re just being silly’. So, even when it is noticed, is it really!

There may be numerous reasons for you experiencing depression and it can be difficult to know why or what is causing it.

These may be some of the reasons for experiencing depression:

  • Stressful life events
  • Personality type
  • Drug and alcohol use
  • Abuse
  • Life trauma / childhood issues / childhood trauma
  • Medical illness / health issues
  • Neurobiology

Here are a list of things you can do to get the help you may need:

  • Seek the support of family or friends
  • Speak to a professional Counsellor or Psychotherapist
  • Go to see your GP to discuss options, such as taking medication
  • Take care of yourself through healthier life choices / healthier coping mechanisms

How I work with depression:

  1. Work through the confusion that may have arisen internally, to express them and work to uncover the root cause of it and resolve unresolved conflicts.
  2. Help and support clients to make contact with their emotions, their supressed feelings and acknowledge parts of self.
  3. Work with the blocks that may be contributing to the depression.
  4. Help to increase the client’s awareness through a reflective, dialogic and honest therapeutic relationship, working with the here-and-now experiences.

Holding another’s hand through their depression is a priceless gift to give!