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We offer a safe, confidential, accepting and respectful space, where you can bring what you need and we explore these together, having the freedom to be yourself without judgement. We believe a trusting, honest relationship is of great importance and one that is built together through open communication to meet your needs.

Areas of counselling and psychotherapy we deal with:


    including suicidal ideation

    Relationship difficulties

    family, partners, improving communication skills

    • Anxiety – including generalised anxiety, panic disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder

    including life stress, work stress, the stress of education

    Personal struggles

    self-esteem, self-confidence, negative self-beliefs


    substance abuse, gambling, sexual addiction

    Eating disorders

    anorexia, bulimia


    emotional, physical, sexual, financial


    past or present losses


    childhood, life events

    Spiritual or Religious struggles

    What is psychotherapy?

    Psychotherapy and counselling are talking therapies that help to deal with emotional problems and mental health issues. This can help to express your feelings and gain a deeper insight into yourself and the issues you face. Psychotherapy aims to be a gentle process in finding more suitable ways of coping that can lead to better mental and emotional wellbeing.

    How we work

    We work from a humanistic perspective that endeavours to understand the experience of each individual in the present moment, providing a client-therapist relationship that is based on acceptance, honesty, respect and trust. We adopt an integrative framework that offers a holistic approach, which helps to raise awareness to mind and body processes and attempts to meet the needs of each client.

    How many sessions will you need?

    We offer long-term and short-term therapy work. Short-term work can last up to a few weeks or months and long-term work can last up to a year, 2 years or more. You can choose the amount of sessions that feel comfortable for you, or it may be unknown until later throughout your journey, depending on the depth and complexity of issues you want to resolve.


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    This page is intended to provide general information about our knowledge and understanding of Counselling and Psychotherapy practices and services. Information produced by us – written, spoken or in video format – is for educational purposes. Our intention is to help as many people as possible through teaching.

    Any communication in any form via social media platforms does not establish a business or therapeutic relationship of any kind. Please note that talking therapies offer guidance to bring about positive change and do not intend to replace medical treatment or diagnosis. Remember that there are a range of beliefs, theories, modalities, experts and teachers in this field.

    Any information provided is not proposed to be a representation of every person, as each experience is individual. We have taken great care to make the information as accurate as possible, however this cannot always be guaranteed. Psychotherapy is varying and any material is a general overview to provide insight into some of the work within this field.

    For confidentiality purposes, any past or present clients are advised to not comment, send direct messages, or write reviews on any social media platforms.


    Your experience is your pain. Your pain is your power.

    Amita Shukla