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Amita Shukla


I feel passionate about helping people through a journey of overcoming current or past life experiences that are causing psychological suffering. Our life experiences and relationships with others can at times feel confusing, complex and painful. This can impact on our well-being and perhaps even the relationship we have with ourselves. If you are struggling or have a need to feel connected with another, I am here to provide a unique therapeutic relationship that I believe is a powerful and transformative experience, and an important part of the healing process.

Therapy is for you if you need someone to walk beside you, to understand your experiences and what they mean to you. I am here to listen and to honour the journey of your experiences. I help you to explore your deepest fears, and support you towards acceptance of your past and all that you have been through. I offer support whether you may be dealing with mental health issues, or would like to become more self-aware, want to learn more about your experiences and reach your full potential. I work towards making your unconscious processes more conscious to you, which ultimately leads to growth.

Prior to fulfilling my own desire to help others and to become a Psychotherapist, I completed a BSc in Human Psychology, helping me to form a secure grounding and knowledge base within this field. After graduating in 2008, I spent 5 years travelling the world and living abroad, absorbing a range of diversity within cultural, religious and societal practices. This has provided me with a priceless life experience that offers my unique quality to adapt and understand a range of people.

I have been through intensive training and completed an MSc in Integrative Psychotherapy at Birmingham City University. During this time I worked with Women’s Aid UK, helping women who suffered from domestic and sexual abuse. I also completed an in-depth piece of research on ‘Patterns of Coping with Bereavement: a Psychotherapist’s Perspective’. I now work in private practice, exploring a range of issues with a diverse client-base.

Training, Qualifications & Experience 

  • MSc in Integrative Psychotherapy – Birmingham City University – 2020
  • Accredited member of United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy – UKCP Accred – 2020
  • Accredited member of Universities Psychotherapy and Counselling Association – UPCA Accred – 2020
  • BSc (Honours) in Human Psychology – Aston University – 2008
  • Continued Professional Development in Suicide
  • Continued Professional Development in Domestic Violence Awareness
  • Continued Professional Development in Sexual Violence Awareness
  • Certificate in Counselling
  • Certificate in Counselling Skills
  • Certificate in Moving your practice online
  • Certificate in How to do counselling online: a coronavirus primer

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Amita Shukla